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  REMOTEVIEWING Spirituele Gadgets Paranormaal!

The Sirius is the best value in light/sound mind machines available today. An ideal "starter" system due to its low price and rich set of features. It will provide many hours of rewarding use. Our new PureWhite white-light LiteFrames, for enhanced visuals.

The Sirius is incredibly sturdy, conveniently small, ergonomic, and very easy to use. All you need to do is power it on, choose one of the 23 preset sessions, put on the headphones and lite frames, and close your eyes. The session will guide you into other mental states by stimulating your senses with special patterns of sound and synchronized lights. You will be instantly transported to a profound state of relaxation.

In your minds eye you'll see patterns of shapes dancing to thick washes and pulses of sound. These special combinations of flickering light and sound are having an effect on your brainwaves. Geometric patterns shape-shift and color cycle while guiding you through the session toward the mind state you desire.

Your stress from the day is released as your brainwaves begin following the frequencies you are perceiving. The frequencies used in the Sirius sessions mimic those found in brainwaves during activities like meditation, dreaming, and deeply focused concentration. You experience and feel these states as your brainwaves synchronize to the lights and sound. Your brain begins producing more theta and alpha waves, and less beta waves - what we have during 'busy and scattered thinking' throughout the day.

The Sirius was designed for people who are looking for a powerful light & sound mind machine, but favor the value over multiple colors and progammability. Even with the low price, it is still packed with features. The Sirius includes Audiostrobe technology for synchronizing special music CDs with the lights, ColorPulse mode for synchronizing with any of your favorite music, and MicroPulse mode that uses a built in microphone to synchronize with any sound, anywhere.

Please explore the material on our site if you're interested in learning more about the Proteus and related technology. We are trying to make the information on our site useful for people coming from many different levels of experience, so you should be able to find anything from basic explanations to published scientific research on related technologies.

sirius light and sound mind machine biofeedback    What is AudioStrobe?   

AudioStrobe technology allows you to use specially encoded music CDs with the Proteus. AudioStrobe music CDs are capable of controlling the lights when played through The Proteus using the included patch cable.

The AudioStrobe technique uses a control signal embedded into the music on the CD. These control signals control different aspects of the Proteus while the music is playing. The artists attempt to create a visual representation of their music so that you can see what the music sounds like while it is playing.

An AudioStrobe CD is included with all Proteus orders so that you can experience this technology. There are a variety of AudioStrobe CDs available for purchase from our site.

Because the signals are mastered at the same time that the CD is, A very precise synchronization of the audio and visual stimulation can be achieved since the signals are mastered together with the CD. AudioStrobe was developed by Mr. Andrzej Slawinski of AudioStrobe GMBH, Germany.

sirius light and sound mind machine biofeedback    What is ColorPulse?   


ColorPulse transforms the beat of your favorite tapes and CDs into patterns of pulsing light. It works best with music with a distinctive beat. You can fine-tune the light show effects by adjusting the sensitivity with the left-hand dial. Try this with spoken word tapes and CDs-the lights trigger with every spoken word. It's quite entrancing!

sirius light and sound mind machine biofeedback    What is MicroPulse?   

The built in microphone picks up sounds around you and passes them through the ColorPulse circuitry. It's very useful if, for example, you are sitting in your living room listening to music and are too far away to connect the Sirius directly to the stereo. Simply choose this mode and lie back. The sounds coming from your loudspeakers will trigger the lights so you see patterns dancing in time with the music. Increase or decrease the way the patterns change by adjusting the left-hand sensitivity dial.

sirius light and sound mind machine biofeedback  The 'Menu' of Sirius Sessions

    PEAK PERF. Sessions      
1 20 Minutes Power Regenerator 14 15 Minutes Relax Before Exams or Pressure Situations
2 18 Minutes Performance Intensive 15 15 Minutes Concentration
3 15 Minutes Quick Break 16 20 Minutes Creativity Enhancement
4 15 Minutes Power Pause 17 20 Minutes Visualization
5 17 Minutes Athletic Warm Up     Well-Being Sessions
6 30 Minutes Peak Composure 18 25 Minutes Mind/Body Awareness
    Tranquility Sessions 19 22 Minutes Afternoon Break
7 15 Minutes Quick Work Break 20 25 Minutes Deep Tranquility
8 25 Minutes Mind Sauna 21 18 Minutes Goodnight
9 16 Minutes Quick Refresher 22 25 Minutes Release the Day
10 35 Minutes Regeneration 23 Limitless Random Sessions
11 60 Minutes Deep Meditation  
    Learning Sessions
12 10 Minutes Quick Alertness Break
13 35 Minutes Learning With Tapes


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