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Personal Biofeedback you can use at home (149,50 euro zonder de mindgames/ software)

The ThoughtStream is the world's first complete personal biofeedback training system. Biofeedback allows you to see, feel or hear mind/body processes that we normally aren't consciously aware of or able to voluntarily control. It has long been accepted as one of the most effective tools available for stress control and other personal growth benefits. In the past, biofeedback was something only available by visiting a professional with hourly rates or by purchasing very expensive clinical models. The ThoughtStream is a galvonic skin response (GSR) biofeedback training system that you can use at home.

The stress we experience at home and at work has a large impact on our well-being, but our normal methods of responding to stressful events are habits that can be changed after we become more aware of them. Learning to fully relax while under pressure can have a profoundly beneficial influence on all aspects of life. The Thoughtstream can give you a new level of self-understanding when your responses are seen or heard as they happen.

The ThoughtStreamT is designed for travel: lightweight, attractive, with a unique palm-of-the-hand sensor. A handsome carrying case, headphones, manual, Mental Games software and everything else that you need to get started is included

How it works
Biofeedback allows you to see, feel or hear mind/body processes that we normally aren't consciously aware of or able to voluntarily control. The ThoughtStream uses a galvonic skin response (GSR) sensor worn on the palm of your hand to record information about your physiological processes. Tiny changes in your skin resistance values are processed from the sensor multiple times per second. These measurements of your mood, emotional responses and mental state are then fed back to you through sound, console display, or computer software.

Here is a typical session example:
Stay still and relax while wearing the sensor - use the headphones if you'd also like sound feedback. Keep the ThoughtStream console display within sight. After a few minutes pass, you might begin to notice the display lights making occasional movements into red, followed by a slowly moving shift back above orange. The time that these color shifts occur make it easy for you to become aware of patterns of thought and feeling that may be causing you stress. The same method is used for training yourself to have more positive responses.

The effect that these unconscious patterns have on us no longer have the same control over how we feel when we become aware of them. Much of the stress that we feel every day is only the pressure we feel when these negative emotional patterns are outside of our awareness. The pressure is reduced after it is known, then released because we can now respond to it consciously.

Mental Games turns the whole process into a fun game! The games are played by controlling what's happening on the screen with your mind and body.

Mental Games:
Peak Performance Psychointeractive Multimedia Software
The training modules of Mental Games 'sense' how focused or relaxed you are and will vary their response according to your internal state. By using this combination of multimedia technology and biofeedback, you enter a new dimension of self-mastery.You may soon notice that you are more relaxed in your everyday life, being present and focused without "burning out." You will learn different strategies of interaction - your own strategies - preserving and developing your valuable inner resources.

thoughtstream biofeedback personal mind machine Two sets of levels are included with Mental Games. Level one is Psychophysiological, and level two is Sensomotoric. Level one is a group of conventional biofeedback exercises. Here you can move objects on the screen as you learn to relax your body and focus your mind. Level two consists of a number of independent modules designed to actively train your responses.

Level One: Psychophysiological

There are four different stages in level one, each more difficult than the last. These games will help you improve your ability to concentrate and to relax at will. Objects on the screen are controlled by you through the ThoughtStream interface.


thoughtstream biofeedback personal mind machine

Your task is to land on the platform.
thoughtstream biofeedback personal mind machine

Try to land on the marked area in time and as smoothly as possible.
thoughtstream biofeedback personal mind machine

Attempt to land the UFO on the marked point in time.
thoughtstream biofeedback personal mind machine

Fly the ship through the clouds.

Level Two: Sensomotoric

Digits and Focus are ideal for improving concentration, learning to focus, and increasing your visual signal to noise ratio - helping you perceive details that are embedded in clutter. Drops and insects work with positive and negative feedback loops. They will help in increasing spatial abilities and in integrating eye/hand coordination with perception of vertical movement. Especially well suited for people who have trouble concentrating. Mandala and Music Plot are more passive modules where you can trigger visual/audio on Mental Games with the ThoughtStream.



thoughtstream biofeedback personal mind machine

Click on the numbers in sequence, they are randomly distributed each time you play. Your responses will be measured and recorded.

thoughtstream biofeedback personal mind machine

Learn to trigger your attention and reaction times as well as memory. Specially designed for sports and similar activities, where you have to be ready for any sudden reaction and action.

thoughtstream biofeedback personal mind machine

Catch as many drops as you can before the water level increases. The drops will slow down the more that you relax.

thoughtstream biofeedback personal mind machine

Here you will play with a positive biofeedback loop. The insects will slow down the more that you relax.


thoughtstream biofeedback personal mind machine

Learn to mentally control the direction and the speed of rotation of several objects.
Music Plot

thoughtstream biofeedback personal mind machine

Use biofeedback to create music. The music will change as you focus and relax.
Net Games

thoughtstream biofeedback personal mind machine

Download new modules/games off of the internet.

thoughtstream biofeedback personal mind machine

Scores for levels your progress is saved. Four progress parameters can be displayed. Max Relax, Max Stress, Average GSR and Average Relax.


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